Dear Friends of TC Woods,

Our lumberyard will be open

for pickup and limited browsing Tues-Sat, 10-4pm.

We will continue responding to your inquiries, sending photos & prices of options in our inventory.

If you want to browse, please give us a heads up so we can minimize any overcrowding issues. We also ask that you wear a mask and be respectful of distancing - we'll be doing the same!

Appointment times are available on the hour. 

Thank you for your support. 

Take care and happy creating!

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We provide custom milling of your logs with our bandsaw or chainsaw

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We carry an inventory of 60K+ board feet in over 20 species of hardwoods from our Colorado urban forests


For those without time, equipment, or experience to build furniture, we're glad to build anything you can imagine


Our Story

‘Tree Care’ Woods began in 1996 by an arborist tired of seeing trees removed as waste, rather than as a potentially valuable resource.  These 'urban' trees may have reached the end of their useful lives, but we believe there is much more useful life to go - whether as furniture grade lumber, hobby or art work, or as roughsawn wood products.  We aim to keep the carbon as wood for as long as possible, enabling you to have  tables, counters, bars, mantles, shelves or whatever you can imagine that will last in your family for generations.

Our commitment is simple - to infuse your home with beauty and functionality of locally sourced lumber. T C Woods curates an extensive collection of species, sizes and shapes to give you furnishings and home goods that maintain the life of the tree into your living space. 


We offer a large yard and sheds full of all sizes and shapes of  local hardwood for your browsing pleasure. 

Open for retail shopping 5 days a week at our facility just west of Ft. Lupton.




(303) 666-8989

5406 CR 23

Fort Lupton, CO 80621

Open for browsing by appointment Tuesday-Saturday, 10-4pm

Masks and social distancing required.

(303) 666-8989